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Canaman is one town in the province of amarines Sur which has been existing for over 400 years now. Unlike any other towns in the province which was converted from a visita into a pueblo, Canaman was declared as a doctrina or village. A doctrina, unlike a visita, received religious instructions regularly from the missionaries.

The date of the establishment of Canaman as a parish was not quite exact although historical records indicate that it was already existing as a parish as early as 1590. There are some sources, however, which revealed that the town became a parish on the year 1599.

Because of its antiquity, the town still have a few remnants of the past as exhibited by the structural designs and composition of some buildings which today still stand as strong as ever. One historical attraction is the Church and belfry of Canaman which still dates back in the year 1845.

Canaman is likewise noted for the production of anahaw fans and other native products made out of this plant specie. Aside from farming, some townspeople engaged in this cottage industry.

Canaman Demographic Profile

Class 5th
Population 27,719
Land Area 2,741 Hectares
No. of Barangays 24
No. of Households 5,215